Outdoor Oven Recommended Accessories

  • Welders gloves
  • Long-handled tongs for placing wood when feeding the coals
  • Long-handled peel for placing and removing bread/pizza from the oven
  • Steel brush/rake for pushing coals to the back of the oven
  • Stainless steel pan for cooking chicken, ribs, roasts

Outdoor Oven Baking Tips

Baking in the outdoor oven is like an art. Any kind of wood works – oak, elm, apple (adds flavor). Some woods burn hotter (like oak) and depending on how dry your wood is will affect how it burns etc. Initially build the fire with 1”- 2” diameter logs. You can use 4”- 5” diameter logs as coals build and for stoking the fire while baking. We recommend building the fire in the front and pushing it to the back while stoking as coals form to maintain a small flame, thus creating more coals to bake.

Wood-fired ovens typically do not have doors; a door turns your oven into a smoker.
A local metalsmith can build a custom door; we would recommend something with wooden handles and an adjustable vent opening.